Welcome to Purple Rinse Racing

Originally this is a site for Gwen West who was born in 1941 and started Drag Racing when she went on a day out with her sons in 2013.  Gwen decided to hang up her boots at the end of 2016 as her eyesight isn’t what it was and her sons didn’t get to race themselves for a couple of years due to crewing for their mum.

Her eldest son Steve has been racing his 1989 Skoda Rapid 136.  It has a few mods.  However he is running something a little different for 2018 and hoping to compete in Sportsman E/T

Her youngest son Rob has aspirations and after selling his heavily modified Skoda Fabia is now working on a Skoda Felicia pickup for racing.

Gwen and Steve at the family tree (Gwen on the Right in her Fabia and Steve in his Rapid)

Rob lining up to show an Audi what a Fabia can do!